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Apart from a few years spent in Hawaii, Montana and Maple Valley, I have lived most of my life right here in Marysville. As a young kid, I played baseball in Cedar Fields, rode bikes all over North Marysville, worked at the bike shop on 4th St. and attended Marshall Elementary. I was a bit of a trouble maker and not always the favorite kid in the neighborhood. At the age of 16, I came to church with a friend. That night I understood that Jesus was real and I had a choice to make: serve Him with my whole life or walk away from a real God who had sought me out. Later that week, I went out and bought a new Bible, a Bible dictionary and a ridiculously hard to read theology book and began to diligently study to know God. I threw out all my rap tapes (Yes, tapes), 2 Live Crew being my favorite, and began listening to music about God’s heart and our response back to Him.

Once I became a follower of Jesus, I never turned back.

During my senior year at MPHS, I felt God directing me into pastoring. So, after graduating in 1993, I started working on my pastoral degree from Northwest University. It took me longer than the 4 years to complete my 4 year degree because I felt so strongly about getting through college without any debt that I took off a semester here and there so that I could work full time.

I felt God directing me into pastoring.

Over the last 20+ years of being in this church, I was a volunteer youth leader, the janitor, and the youth pastor, and after a brief stint away, I came back in 2009 to be the lead pastor. I met my wife at The Grove Church, we were married here over 16 years ago, and all four of our kids were dedicated during services here, too!


My family and I love this community deeply, and we continue to dream for great days ahead helping people see God’s love through us!

Some fun facts about Nik. 


Snow Skiing
Child Wrangling


Favorite Books:
Love Does, Bob Goff
Spiritual Rhythm, Mark Buchanan
Wild at Heart, John Eldredge


What thought or message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?
There is a slim chance you will enjoy this cookie.


If you could go on a road trip with any person dead or alive who would you choose and where would you go? Jimmy Fallon -Pacific Coast Hwy.


If you were to perform on the circus what would you do?
Clown juggling on a unicycle.


What article of clothing most describes you?
Fleece-lined slippers.


What is your favorite food combination?
Burgers & Fries.


Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best and why?
Sneezy, because I have terrible allergies five months of the year.


If someone where to describe your dance moves. Which celebrity would they say you dance like? Will Smith as The Fresh Prince.