The Grove Church

Online | Drive-In

Pausing In-Person

With the uptick in Covid-19 cases in our county we have decided to pause our In-Person Gatherings for the upcoming weeks. We will still have an Online Gathering at 9:35 and Drive-In Gathering at 11:00.

Ways to Gather

We know that everyone is at a different comfort level when it comes to gathering during this season, and we want to make sure we provide our community with options.

Every Sunday we are offering 2 ways of gathering:

At 9:35 we will have an online gathering on both Facebook and our Online Platform. You can gather online with the church, complete with live hosts, and a chatroom for everyone attending. You can check out our online platform below.

Then we will have a Drive-In gathering at 11:00. Simply drive up to our campus where we have built a stage on the roof for everyone to see. You'll be able to hear everything through your car stereo!