Mature Generosity – How Chuck E Cheese taught me a lesson

Jen Ervig   -  

*originally posted at As My Mind Unwinds

When I was young – like elementary school aged – I don’t even remember how old, I was hanging out at a Chuck E Cheese with my family and some other friends and adults. I remember using tokens to play the games and things. At some point I wanted to take a break from playing so I went back to sit at the table and handed my left over tokens to one of my siblings (I also can’t remember which) but what I do remember is the amazing response that came from one of the adults at our table who watched me through that transaction

They were in awe. “Wow!” they said. “You are so mature for such a young lady. Not many siblings would give up a treasure like that to make sure someone else could fully enjoy it. You are mature beyond your years and truly remarkable. What a good big sister.” 

That memory came to mind last night because during our weekly prayer meeting at The Grove Church (which anyone is welcome to attend, by the way, no matter where you live), Pastor Nik was focusing on praying for maturity and mentioned that mature people give generously to others. So, that memory came flooding back. 

Truth Remembered

I believe I recalled that memory because Nik just spoke truth which I’ve actually experienced first hand and the Holy Spirit brought it to mind. We know through verses such as John 14:26, John 16:13 and Ephesians 1:16-19 that the Holy Spirit’s job is to point back to and reveal truth. 

Why did I think back on that just then? Maybe it’s to remind myself to be generous now. Maybe it’s to write this blog and share my experience so you might be generous. Maybe it’s both!

God Takes Care of Us

God has provided lavishly for us. That’s hard to hear for some who are struggling financially but your father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and gives good things to those who ask. Even if you have nothing, you have something.

You may have no money, but you may have an extra crockpot taking up space you can give to the new single mom down the street, or you may have a bag of clothes that don’t fit anymore you can donate to the family that lost everything in a fire. You may have an extra plate of food after cooking dinner you can have your kid run over to the old retired man next door. You.Have.Something. You do! And guess what? When you give generously, God brings it back to you somehow someway

To Whom is Given Much Much is Expected

Now a quick word to those who have much. As Uncle Ben in Spider Man said, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” You were given that wealth because you could be trusted to steward it well. Use what you need – even take some extra and have some lavish fun – but then, benefit others with it. You wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t for God anyway. He gave you the ability and opportunity to accumulate it. 

In my story, I had a generous amount of tokens, I used what I needed/wanted, then I made sure the rest were stewarded well and wouldn’t go to waste –  to SOMEONE ELSE’S benefit! What would have been the point of me hoarding them? I would have probably put them in my pocket thinking I’d use them the next time I came, but I would have probably gone home, lost them in my room or the yard, never to be used again – what a waste! Instead, one of my siblings got their enjoyment on the spot AND the knowledge that their big sister loves them so much she gave up her tokens for them! – which is probably even the bigger win here! I’d love to know if they hold a memory of that day that taught them an important truth! Oh! And let’s not forget the other big win from that decision – I got a great encouragement from an adult that taught me something important and stuck with me to this day!

Do you see the domino effect of goodness that comes from generosity?! Mature people – mature Christ followers – are generous. How are you gonna be generous today?