Good Friday

Good Friday @ Home

The Goal: To take time to pause, reflect, and consider Christ’s death. Whether around a dinner table, or in the living room.

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Read & Answer

Good Friday is where we, as followers of Christ, commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Share your thoughts on the following questions:• Why do you think today is called “Good” Friday? Take a few minutes to discuss what would make today good.• How do you think the disciples would have felt on Good Friday?

Read John Chapter 18

• What do you think it was like for Jesus to be rejected (abandoned) by his closest followers?• Why was Jesus on trial? What was He considered guilty of doing?

Read John Chapter 19

• Why did Jesus have to be flogged or beaten? Why was He mocked and made fun of?• Why do you think Jesus would be willing to lay down His life like this?• How does knowing what Jesus went through make you feel?

Ask & Answer

• How does the reality of sin impact my understanding of myself? • What does the death of Christ mean for you as a follower of Jesus?• Does the death of Christ influence the way you view your neighborhood? Your school? Your workplace? Your family?

Read Matthew 26:20-30

• Taking a moment to receive communion together is where we pause and remember what Christ did with His disciples on Good Friday. This is an act where we remember his body being broken on the cross because of our sin, and the blood He shed to redeem mankind. Taking this together should cause us to be thankful and worship Jesus for His obedience and God’s provision over us.


• Eat the Bread, a symbol of Jesus' body which was broken for us.•Drink the Juice, a symbol of Jesus' blood which was spilled for us.• Pray in response to Good Friday


• Take a second to worship & reflect.• Close in a moment of prayer.Pray this simple prayer or feel free to use your own:Thank you, God, for sending Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for obeying your Father. Your love for Him is what let you allow others to nail you to a cross, your love for me is what kept you there, and your power is what conquered sin’s power over my life. Help me to obey and love like you. In Jesus Name, Amen.