Shuttling Details
Shuttling Details

Shuttling is almost here! On Sunday, March 10, shuttles will begin running from Marysville Middle School to the Grove Church patio from 9:05-11:45am. If you are able, would you consider utilizing these shuttles if you attend the 9:25 or 10:35 am gatherings to make room for new families?

Shuttling location: 4923 67th St NE, Marysville, WA 98270


Q: Is everybody expected to shuttle?
A: Sure!! But for those with mobility challenges and our seniors we understand shuttling isn’t practical.

Q: Is shuttling available for all 4 gatherings?
A: No. We are only shuttling for the 9:25 and 10:35 gatherings where parking is the greatest challenge.

Q: How often will there be shuttles running to and from the church?
A: Shuttling will begin at 9:05 and run every 10 minutes until 11:45. It’s a pick up AND drop off service before and after both middle gatherings.

Q: Where do I park to ride a shuttle?
A: We’re shuttling from Marysville Middle School (4923 67th St NE). It’s about 1/4 mile from The Grove Church.

Q: Why would I ride a shuttle instead of parking at the church?
A: Because our culture is one of service to others. And our greatest goal with shuttling is to make room for guests, newer attendees, and those with mobility challenges to have positive experiences every Sunday.

Q: Will I be rewarded for riding a shuttle?
A: Is there anything more rewarding than shining light and love into the lives of others through acts of service? (Also, after you log 1 million miles on a church shuttle you’ll get $50K and the new auditorium named after you! 😜)

Thanks for doing your part to make room for others!!!